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  1. Is Your Business Gift Idea Destined For Greatness or Disaster?
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They shape you. They fulfill you. They open your mind and your heart, not unlike yoga. Here are tips to make your holidays a bit more cultured. Around the holidays there are few things more precious than gathering in the kitchen to assemble seasonal eats. Somewhere along the line, crystals became my gifting signature. I have learned the art of bestowing them upon friends and family for baby showers, house warmings, holidays, and birthdays. Whether given as an intention or a healing kit, these little love nuggets are a special and unique way of showing someone you care. The holidays are a beautiful time of year, full of love and good intention.

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What if you could find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list on a budget? This is no Christmas miracle, but rather a thoughtful approach to gifting during the holiday season.

Is Your Business Gift Idea Destined For Greatness or Disaster?

Here are some great ideas to get started. Kids look at the world with a sense of wonder and indispensable curiosity—a sense that, as adults, we may find it hard to replicate. This year, take some gifting advice from your inner child by encouraging the art of play in those you love.

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This holiday season give yourself the greatest gift you will ever know: the gift of breath. When we consciously breathe we go within, we connect to a higher self, we feel more love, we give more love, and we live our lives with more purpose.

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And this is not just yogi-speak—there is real hard evidence that says a bit of breath can do you a world of good. Wanderlust would like to email you useful information about our events, products, partners and services. Manage your interests, profile and preferences below. First Name. Last Name. Special Announcements Only. Wanderlust Events. My purpose is to inspire people to unleash their full potential. I partner with corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and students.

Holiday Baking Championship

If you'd like to take a look at my website for background on what I do, it's giftstogreatnesscoaching. Winning design by BlueBerriez. Completed contest. A winner was selected from designs submitted by 42 freelance designers. Learn more about logo and business card design. Entries from this contest.

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Some of the designers who made it happen. Winner - BlueBerriez.

Gifts of greatness

Finalist - "ArtRanger". Finalist - dsgn Great design work, she was able to read my logo intentions and needs from the start with ease.

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  8. Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach I am a career and life coach and personal trainer. What industry do you think your business is most related to? Physical Fitness. Aesthetic costume, dance vocabulary and music were totally in consonance with classical Kathak. In the item on Ritu, the gat nikas genre came into play. It was a great idea to have Kalamandalam Gopi as part of the festival presentations.

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