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No 4 Dress. Rank Insignia. AFM History. Timeline of AFM's Lineage. AFM Colours. Data Protection. Freedom of Information. On Parade Magazine. Public Affairs Office.

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  6. On the 19th of April the Malta Land Force was re-designated. On disbandment of the Dejma, serving members were given the option to enlist in the AFM. The Task Force colours presented on March 28th, were later laid up in St. John's Co-Cathedral, hanging among the Colours of former regiments in the Oratory. This was the first time the re-amalgamated AFM had their own Colours.

    On February 4th, , the AFM took delivery of its first ever fixed-wing aircraft. Five former US Army single-engined Cessna Bird Dog F spotters were purchased for coastal patrol, maritime search operations and pilot training. On April 2nd, , a new Long Service and Efficiency Medal was presented to officers and other ranks having over 18 years of service and a clean conduct sheet.

    Those with over 30 years service receive a medal with two clasps. Any attempt by the Nationalist Party or any of its fellow-travellers to avoid the implications of this bald, raw, unpalatable fact would be misguided. He looked after No. As I like to say, when people know they have been able to buy you, they will think nothing of selling you. Comparisons are odious most times, but in this case, an illustrative comparison simply must be made.

    & Malta Event Calendar – - Events in Malta

    Not only did he not try to negotiate with Manuel Mallia for another job elsewhere, but he had no job to go to. And from my impressions of him not a particularly bright officer, either.

    Let me just say that operationally, the AFM under his command has made some dubious acquisitions in terms of hardware. They get equipment that can do much less for a higher cost than most. I agree with Mr.

    Ministero della Difesa

    Mr Xuereb did not make it. He failed. Shame on him.

    A white feather has been a traditional symbol of cowardice, used and recognised especially within the British Army and in countries associated with the British Empire since the 18th century. Colonel Attard is a true gentleman and Xuereb is a laghqi bil-provi. Shame on you Mr Xuereb for not defending as you you should have done our army. You just negotiated a job for yourself in return.

    You are a small man. If you were right in your views this does not reflect well on whoever appointed the brigadier. On the other hand I think there is another point of view on this issue and that the Brigadier is not necessarily at fault. Soldiers are trained to obey practically blindly their superiors. The fact that he is appointed and serves at the will of politicians, as we have so dramatically seen, does not make those politicians his superiors.

    Armed Forces of Malta rescue 216 migrants

    This sort of interference is associated with undemocratic states. You would never be able to suggest, in more developed democracies, that politicians elected for five years are the superiors of the supreme commander of the armed forces, or the equivalent. Civil servants usually also have a sense of loyalty and duty which means that they often implement decisions they may not agree with but still feel they should continue working for their country.

    The military does have its civilian employees, yes, but they are separate to the actual military structure. They might include secretaries and accounts clerks, that kind of thing. They are in an entirely different position and governed by different regulations. Therefore the brigadier may have felt that he cannot defy his superiors or just resign but must continue working with the current authority as he feels it is his duty to do so to and continue to serve in the army until or unless he is asked to resign.

    Brigadiers, in the Maltese military system, have no superiors. There is only ever one the others are retired and he is right at the top, the commanding officer. While undue political interference makes it seem to people in Malta that the commanding officer of the army must take orders from his political masters, in reality he should not — no more than the Police Commissioner should. The Commander AFM and the Police Commissioner cannot be asked to resign unless there has been a serious transgression.

    Call for Enlistment of Officer Cadets in the Armed Forces of Malta (Regular Force)

    They can only be removed. A magistrate, Donatella Frendo Dimech, denied a bail request, noting that civilian witnesses, including the captain and crew, had yet to testify and that the accused had no ties in Malta nor any means of paying bond. Strategies to reduce migrants in the Mediterranean Sea may have made the journey more treacherous.

    The minors told the court that they were high school students, while Mr. Bari, the year-old, said that he had been studying sociology before leaving his country. Under Maltese law, unlawfully seizing control of a ship can be considered a terrorist activity and is punishable by seven to 30 years in prison. The tanker was heading to Libya from Turkey when it was asked on Tuesday to divert its course to rescue nearly migrants in distress, which it did, before continuing on its course.

    But when the migrants realized on Wednesday that they were headed back to Libya, which they had just left, some apparently revolted and commandeered the ship.