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  1. Reviving Ophelia
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By modeling better choices around our students and children, we help them see healthy living in action. Simmons uses occasional statistics and studies to show how these problems affect girls more negatively or in a different way than they affect boys. As a parent of boys, as well as a teacher who works at a co-ed school, though, I found that much of her advice could, and should, still be applicable for young men.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

Simmons could have acknowledged some of these similarities in addition to emphasizing gender differences; I certainly plan to use some of her strategies in conversations with my sons or my male students, in addition to conversations with the young women in my life.

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Reviving Ophelia

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Sapp, J. Retrieved from www. This assignment introduces you to learning about your students so that you can plan and instruct better.

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You are asked to collect information about the class you're observing in. You will develop a lesson plan with other members of the class. Your goal is to teach this lesson and reflect upon the experience.