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Instead of trying to call Andrew's room, why don't we just go knock on his door? When she saw Andrew, she looked back over her shoulder. His breath caught at how stunningly, beautiful he found the young woman who stood behind his sister. Unable to take his astonished eyes away from her, he continued to gaze at her in disbelief. The sleeveless dress she had on had a low neckline that clearly let him know she was perfectly sized to fit just right in his hands. The dress also followed the slender curve of her waist and hips.

He glanced down at trim ankles and slender feet in the sandals she wore. She had always, just been Anna's gangly friend that had hung around their home for years. He had never paid her any attention while they were all growing up together. The first time she had caught his eye was earlier that day, when she and Anna had been sorting through Anna's music recordings. He had found her attractive then too. Tonight though, this ugly duckling of gangly youthhad turned into a beautiful swan, words he remembered from a storybook Molly used to read to Anna as a child.

Andrew lightly coughed into his hand, and firmly pulled his eyes away from Charlee before he started to drool. Wordlessly, George, Molly, and the three young adults walked down corridor one to the High Commander's private dining quarters. Each lost in their own personal thoughts.

Anna felt her apprehension build the closer they approached the High Commander's quarters.

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This is crazy. What in the world made me change my mind about coming on this journey? George indicated for Charlee to push the intercom button on the corridor wall when they stopped outside the entrance of the High Commander's door. All stood silent as they waited admittance into the room. Anna shifted uneasily. If I didn't know better, I'd pinch myself, just to check to see if I'm really sound asleep in my bed. I'm probably in my room back on earth just having a strange dream or nightmare.

As she watched the door slowly begin to open, Anna quickly reached up and gave her arm a hard twist with her fingers. She realized what she was experiencing was no dream. Staring down into the swirling liquid, he waited for his aunt and uncle to show up with his future lifemate. He missed Avreen and his home planet. When his door opened, he glanced up and watched, as an attractive young woman walked into the room. She reminded him of the women on Garr. Having the same color of dark hair, the women of Garr kept throughout their lifetime. She glanced his way.

Turning her head, she whispered to someone who stood directly behind her blocked from his view. Anna leaned forward, toward Charlee, when she whispered to her over her shoulder. Traun quietly watched the attractive, dark haired young woman step aside to admit whomever she spoke to into the room. The glass of liquid, he absently raised to his mouth halted in mid air. His eyes riveted on the slender, blonde woman whose curves were outlined by a dress that loosely skimmed her body.

The dress stopped short about five inches above her knees. Her long slender bare legs seemed to go on forever. Feeling a jolt hit him low in the abdomen, he realized he could easily span her waist with his hands. Unbidden, a plea raced across the inside of his mind. Please let her be the chosen one! Standing close enough to the two girls to overhear what Charlee had whispered to his sister, anger sliced through Andrew at her comment. His gaze unerringly found Charlee's, stabbing her with the aggression, he felt at her comment.

Feeling her neck and face flush with embarrassment, Charlee swiftly jerked her eyes away from Andrew's hostile glare, confused over the anger she saw directed at her over her teasing comment. Anna missed their exchange as she looked past Charlee to the man who stood across the room with a drink in his hand. When their eyes made contact, she felt as if she couldn't breathe for a moment. Now, I know why I was never interested in a relationship with anyone on earth. I have unconsciously been waiting for this man all my life, she thought. Reluctantly, Traun pulled his gaze from the woman when his uncle approached him to greet him in the age-old custom of the men of Garr.

Traun extended his arm and grasped his uncle's extended forearm in greeting, their fingers clasped firmly around each other's elbows. George turned back to the young people who still stood in the doorway, and motioned for them to come forward. He then glanced at Andrew and Charlee who stood beside her. Her strong resemblance to his mother tugged at his heart strings. He turned back to include the whole group.


The food is prepared and ready to be served. His uncle sat down at the opposite end. Realizing she would have to sit directly across from Andrew, Charlee wished she had moved quicker. Then she could have taken the seat where Anna currently sat. Reluctantly, she pulled out the chair in front of her and sat down beside Anna, next to the man Anna was suppose to marry. Charlee, her eyes downcast, placed her cloth napkin in her lap. Once they were all seated, Anna noticed that Charlee was awfully quiet and had been since her teasing comment to her when they entered the room.

Anna looked over the table to where her brother sat directly across from Charlee and saw that he watched her closely. Could it be? This was the second time today she had caught him staring at her friend while he seemed to be unaware of the action. However, it is the best we can expect while we're on the ship," Traun commented. His gaze circled around the table.

Anna felt her insides tighten at his slow, drop dead gorgeous smile directed her way. She nodded her head at his comment concerning the food. So imagine this cute bunny shifter meeting Death.

Un-Sweet Dreams Bookstrand Publishing Romance - 9781606018347

Death has spent most of his life in a lab being tortured and experimented on. He killed because he was good at it. He is also a leopard shifter who is mated to a bunny shifter. It has been some time since I read the first book for this series and the books from the one that is connected to it. So I was not as in tuned with it as I would have been had I read all the books at once.

The characters are pretty cool to read about and their stories will have you in tears. Two different lives living in horrible situations came out of it with two different reactions and this author managed to hit it on the nail. What each went through was different they still manage to heal the other.

This world that they live in was pretty unique and I liked hearing about it, in a way. I felt bad for Koda though, but your going to have to read to figure out that statement. I can honestly say that Pacey will be my favorite in this story. One moment he is so fearful but then he is basically jumping Death. Other wise it was a great story.

Lost Found [Love Unexpected] (Bookstrand Publishing Romance) : Arneda Everett :

I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading the next book. Title: Saving Sawyer. July 18, Blurb: Allied Defense Force soldier Stefan Andres lost the love of his life two years ago in a terrifying mech attack. He harbored hatred in his heart until his friends convinced him Sawyer might still be alive. What he learns when he finds the man might be more than even he can handle. Lewis Sawyer loved Stefan more than his next breath, which was the only reason he forced himself to stay away from the man after escaping the mechs. When a nighttime attack forces him to come out of hiding, he has to face his demons, and the love he left behind, but will Stefan see him as the man he was or the monster the mechs made him?

Product Link: Siren-BookStrand. Review: For many years Stefan followed his team and commander. However when the man he loved was killed he blamed Roark for it. He was stuck in his grief. That is until Frankie suggested that just maybe Sawyer was still alive. That was after he made the mistake of shooting Roark. Now he was determined to find the man he loved. Then he escaped but hid away from his team.

Either that or they would experiment on him. Then after a fight with some baddies he knew he had to let Stefan know he was alive. Then wait for the man to kick his ass. A virus killed millions over ten years ago, a warrior changed, some exciting new twists to the story and lets face it this was a big hit with me. The characters were fun to read about and their stories just made me wish I was there with them. So two different dangers with pretty much the same ending, death.

It moved maybe a bit to fast for me in parts of the story. I can guarantee that it will be read many times over. Title: Slaves to a Voice. Blurb: Ferno, god of fire, has a problem. His stars are dying. Heading for Igneos, a volcanic world whose core has cooled, Ferno meets Moth, an Enigmuss worker. He and Fross fall headlong for the cutie, and in their Enigmuss disguise are able to kiss one another for the first time, setting sparks flying. Review: Ferno and Fross team up to find out how to stop the damage that is happening to worlds.

They meet Moth an enigmuss, who sounded the alarm about Ibi. There are a lot of characters at play throughout this story. Moth is one two exceptions to this as neither succumb to the hypnotic voice. I loved that more than one individual is involved in the evil plot as it adds a harder ploy to catch them all as is the case with most other stories. I look forward to reading more about the creator, gods, and the men mentioned that work for the creator that have been mentioned.

Title: Finding Frankie 2nd Edition. May Blurb: Ten years ago, Roark lost his lover to a virus that killed millions. But bringing Frankie back might cost him more than his sanity. It might cost him his life. Ten years ago, a virus swept the planet, killing millions. Just as the human population was starting to recover from that disaster, mechanical aliens invaded Earth looking for iron—and they had no problem exterminating the human race to get it. Anthony Roarke lost his lover in the first wave of the virus. But that was before the mechs invaded. Roarke has searched for Frankie since the day he disappeared.

Once word reaches he that Frankie has been located, Roarke wastes no time in going after his lover. But brining Frankie into the new world might cost him more than his sanity. He had been turned into a popsicle to keep him alive until a virus had been created. The problem was that had been five years before Frankie had been saved. His parents had placed him as far from the man he loved. So when Roark brought him out he had no clue of the new world or the dangers that existed. Roark was the commander of his team keeping them alive, saving those in danger, taking out the mechs and looking for the man he loved.

There was only one part of the story that I absolutely hated and that was mentioning to a man he loves that he slept with three guys. However I understood the reasoning for him letting him know due to the fact that one of them was at their camp, so it was all good. Plus Frankie punching the guy once was a fine addition. As always the author has created a world that is not only fascinating but kept my attention throughout.

I loved the guys and their friends quite a bit. This story was a blast and I can honestly say that it will be read many times over. There is a serious tone to it, but humor was mixed in. Title: The Prince and the Frog. Series: Stories, Tales, and Legends: Retold This most fervent wish sends Ivan to his destiny. Not only does his chosen bride prove to be a frog, she is also a he! With an ancient magic involved, Ivan and Vasiliy the frog have no choice but to marry. First a test of worthiness threatens their blossoming relationship.

Then there is the small matter of the magical curse Vasya is under. Can the prince fulfill the impossible quest and thwart the most feared wizard in the world aka his father-in-law to get his frog back? And will Vasya begin an all-out magical war to return to his prince? This time he thinks it is time for his sons to find their other halves so has them shoot fate magic arrows in different directions and follow them to where they landed.

This is where Ivan meets Vasya. Unbeknownst to him Vasya is the son of a powerful wizard being punished along with his friends for a prank gone wrong. So when the two meet Vasya and his friends are in their animal skins. I really enjoyed the story and the subsequent adventure these two journeyed upon.

I loved everything about this story. It was cute, sweet, adventurous and action packed. Title: Worst Plan Ever. Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifter. Blurb: This was his worst plan ever. Trent Sanchez was only going out for a coffee, just an afternoon break from all the responsibilities, and somehow he ended up a hundred miles away! It was a mistake, a foolish act. He had a job to do, one that saved thousands of lives. His head hurt and his thoughts were jumbled. Review: Tre gets overwhelmed with everything and decides to off for a while without telling anyone including his mate Tredd.

Things are not as smooth as he would like when he meets Billy being mugged. The two then set off for an adventure. I liked that Tre and Tredd talked eventually. Tre was under way too much stress and suffering for it. I felt he had no life to do what he wanted. Especially when everyone seemed to keep him under lock and key twenty four seven.

MuseItUp Bookstore - MuseitUp Publishing

Billy was sweet yet knew how to hold his own in a fight for a human. Title: Chasing Denver. Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Suspense. Publisher: Siren Bookstrand, Inc. April 29, Blurb: Gus has been in love with Denver since first laying eyes on him nearly a year ago, but Denver is a recluse, staying tucked away in his attic suite. Until one morning Denver starts to talk to him, and their lives are changed forever.

When he was a teenager, Denver accidently killed his best friend. Afraid of losing control again, Denver keeps himself locked away, even from the one human who has come to mean everything to him. Review: Each book in the Honey Haven collection features a new romantic couple. Gus has his heart set on Denver and tries to show it. The problem is Denver pretty much ignores everyone and stays in his room. He did invite them but there was something off about them. These stories crack me up especially when Gus is always speaking about ghosts.

Wait for the surprise, it is going to be a scorcher. Other than that small issue, this story is quite different and very quirky. I got a kick out of them. Although I must admit that the ghosts being thrown in at the last minute was a bit weird. I had a blast reading it and look forward to seeing more from this author. I will admit she is a favorite of mine. Title: Griffin. Series: Wild Bear Mechanics Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal. Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. When Ben falls hard for a monster of his own in the form of werebear mechanic Griffin, Ben knew his entire life was about to change.

Would picking Griffin mean surrendering his career in law enforcement or could he find a balance between love of his bear and love of his job? When destiny leads him to Ben, Griffin knows its time he made his move. Ben was born to be his mate and nothing would get in the way of him claiming Ben, not even a war between his bear clan and the resident werewolf biker gang. Review: Griffin and Ben have been dancing around each other for a while. It takes Ben getting attacked by one of reapers wolves for Griffin to make his move.

But the sheriff has his own mind and despite Griffin wanting him to stay safe and out of danger Ben has a job to do with finding proof against the wolf pack and their shady dealings to get rid of them for good.

Great read with plenty of suspense, danger and action. Title: Piston. When things get hot and heavy between them, will Bob risk his heart, along with his career, to be with a wild bear mechanic? Review: Piston is a grizzly shifter and owner of a car repair business meets Bob when his car breaks down and he calls for assistance. There is a werewolf pack that always makes trouble for Piston, his clan of bears and the entire town. To make matters worse there is more going on than they realize at first and when Bob decides to come back he runs into trouble with the wolves who take him hostage as a way to get rid of Piston for good.

Title: Raphael. Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal. Length: Short Story 76 Pages. August 1, One reckless night nearly costs Derrick his life, but his unexpected guardian angel appears in the form of Raphael. The vampire Raphael has never been interested in finding a mate, until Derrick Pace. He intends to claim Derrick, even if that means igniting a fight with another vampire coven.

It had led them straight into the paranormal world and monsters. He had been captured along with a vampire, tortured. It almost got him killed. Now he tried to stay away from that type of life, but his mind kept reminding him of Raphael. Raphael has found his mate and decided to leave him alone. He had not wanted a mate but he wanted Derrick. He watched him to keep him safe, but one is never safe from the past. It is a very unique story that is very entertaining.

The only thing is that even though it is a short story it feels like it comes off longer. You get excitement, danger, a new world and some sweet sexy times in this book and quite a bit more. I will admit that even though I did like it, it is not one of those stories that will get read more than once.

Title: Power of Sight. Series: Mages of the Nether Titus has been tasked with finding the new Royal Seer. A search that leads him to his betrothed, Zachary. He must accept fate, even if that means losing the one person he loves above all. Review: Because of a future he has seen in a vision Zachary does everything he can to push Titus away from him.

He does not want to be a royal seer in the least. Titus is tasked to find the royal seer and is surprised when he discovers who it is. I really liked Titus and Zachary. Titus was strong and determined which I liked in a character. This was a great addition to the series that I enjoyed reading. The vampire blood farm. His feelings for Orin, the dominant wolf shifter who arrived out of the blue, who looked at Milo with such heat, made him want to live again.

When Orin pulls Milo out of the vampire farm, he can barely let himself hope for something with the other man. One kiss is all it takes to let Milo know this is the real deal. Heartbroken, Milo never thought he would see him again, so when Orin returns, broken and on the brink of death, Milo will do what needs to be done to return the favor to his mate, and get his answers. Orin saved him, Milo now needs to save Orin. Review: I loved this story of Orin trying to do what is right and Milo demanding to stay by his side when Glendon banishes him from the pack for what he did to Jake.

Milo was a sweet, timid fox shifter saved from the vampire blood farm by Orin. Along with the struggle still between Fergus and Parker and the two disappearing after vampires attack while they are out made for an interesting story. Title: Hartland Knights.