Your Place in the World: Creating a life of vision, purpose, and service

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With annual sales of just under EUR87 billion and about 93, employees, we are already one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies. The world's first coal-fired power plant with a thermal efficiency of more than 50 percent will set new standards and make E.

ON a pacesetter for this type of technology.

A vision statement vs. a mission statement

Mission: To be valued by our customers for bringing competitive solutions, reliability, comfort, and convenience to their lives and businesses. Mission: To satisfy the energy needs of society and create the maximum value for Venezuela. Siemens Vision: A world of proven talent delivering breakthrough innovations giving our customers a unique competitive edge enabling societies to master their most vital challenges and creating sustainable value. Mission: Within the scope of Siemens' core activities, to find the best way of combining and developing our know-how and expertise, so that we can profitably channel them into outstanding value for customers.

Pemex Vision: To be one of the world's most competitive state enterprises being a timely, modern, transparent, efficient and effective operation with excellence and honesty standards. Mission: Maximize hydrocarbons and by products economic value, contributing to the sustainable development of the country. Hewlett-Packard Vision: To create a diverse and inclusive environment. Diversity and inclusion are key drivers of creativity, innovation and invention.

HP wants to make diversity and inclusion a conscious part of how they run business throughout the world.

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Mission: To provide products, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty. Valero Energy Vision: To offer the best possible range of construction products, enabling our customers to consolidate orders with the same supplier and save significantly on administration costs. Continuing to be the leader of the national sector and helping it to grow each year, we are also going to transfer that leadership to the international sector, all the while maintaining the same philosophy of quality and service for which we are renowned.

Mission: Valero is a premier refining and marketing company that leads in shareholder value growth through innovative, efficient upgrading of low-cost feedstocks into high-value, high-quality products.

What is company vision? A picture of a better place

Petrobras Vision: Vision for - We will be one of the five largest integratedenergy companies in the world and the preferred choice among our stakeholders. The Bank strives to be a relationship bank and the primary bank of its retail and wholesale customers based on sustainable practices, serving them with its full range of products.

Mission: To be a team that is capable of generating great ideas that satisfy our customers, are profitable for our shareholders and consolidate our position as a global financial leader and an entity that collaborates for the sustainable development of society. Statoil Hydro Mission: committed to accommodating the world's energy needs in a responsible manner, applying technology and creating innovative business solutions.

Bank of America Corp. Vision: Vision is to continue to help theircustomers grow and demonstrate how they can turn opportunities into reality. To achieve this vision, RBS aims to be: The best bank to work for, The best bank to bank with, The best bank to invest in. Mission: To deliver superior sustainable value we run our business with integrity and openness, delivering optimum financial results within clearly defined business principles.

Citygroup Vision: To be the most competent, profitable, and innovative financial organization in the world. Mission: To improve the quality of life for children, families, and the neighbourhood where we all live and do business. Samsung Electronics Vision: To lead the digital convergence movement. Berkshire Hathaway Mission: Deliver the right parts exactly on time, exceed our internal and external customer requirements through continuous improvement, and provide a place for hard-working, dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical people who believe in the company.

McKesson Vision: To bring together clinical knowledge, process expertise, technology and the resources of a Fortune 15 company to fundamentally change the cost and quality of available health care services. Mission: Advancing the health of the health care system by advancing the success of our partners.

Sociate Generale Vision: To be the most competitive and the most productive service organization in the world.

Our mission and vision

Mission: To support clients in their financial projects and enable them to realize their objectives. International Business Machines Vision: IBM should be first-and-foremost on any new enterprise data center migration short-list. Mission: To lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics.

Credit Agricole Vision: To create a world-class European leader in banking and insurance, in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Mission: To hold the position of a leading European banking group, leading financial partner to the French economy and the largest retail bank in Europe. Assicurazioni Generali Vision: Be a leading international team that produces consistent, excellent results for our stakeholders in the short and long term; roduce and to leverage constantly a pioneering spirit, innovation and excellence; become the most attractive employer for the best performing people.

Nestle Vision: To bring consumers foods that are safe, of high quality and provide optimal nutrition to meet physiological needs. Mission: Make better food so that people live a better life. Mission: To be the best financial services company in the world. Metro Vision: Innovation through cooperation. Mission: Bring together people and products in all corners of the globe. Honda Motor Vision: Seek solutions for a harmonuous environment; shift the social paradigm. Mission: To seek technology that helps realize true peace and hapiness on earth.

Hitachi Vision: To create richer lives and a better society by providing products, systems, and services with a superior level of value and quality based on the latest advances in technology. Mission: To provide high quality products utilizing vision and insight to exceed customers expectations. GDF Suez Vision: To redefine the relationship between mankind and energy in order to make energy a source of progress and sustainable development.

Mission: To make our customers successful, be number one, be well prepared for future developments and be the first choice for our customers. Verizon Communications Vision: Advance in technology that touches peoples lives. Mission: To enable people and businesses to communicate with each other. Tesco Vision: To broaden the scope of the business to enable it to deliver strong sustainable long-term growth by following the customer into large expanding markets at home and new markets abroad.

Mission: Create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. Electricite de France Vision: To satisfy energy demands, anticipate tomorrow's needs and find adapted solutions for them. Mission: To bring sustainable energy solutions home to everyone. Unicredit Group Vision: To create a new way of banking by thriving to serve our clients with innovative solutions.

Mission: To be the Bank of Choice for our customers by putting their interest at the forefront of every company initiative; to be the ideal business for capable, motivated people by listening to their input and feedback. BASF Vision: We are "The Chemical Company" successfully operating in all major markets; our customers view BASF as their partner of choice; our innovative products, intelligent solutions and services make us the most competent worldwide supplier in the chemical industry; generate a high return on assets; strive for Sustainable Development; welcome change as an opportunity.

Mission: To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow. Cardinal Health Vision: To be the premier global healthcare company as recognized by current and potential customers, employees and shareholders. Diversity, inclusion and access are essential elements of that vision and are reflected in our EPPIC core values Ethical, People-driven, Performance-driven, Innovative and Collaborative.

Mission: Combining educational programs, high-performance products and clinical compliance, Cardinal Health is committed to working with healthcare professionals to eliminate preventable infections. Mission: We provide expert care and innovative solutions in pharmacy and health care that are effective and easy for our customers. Mission: To improve people's lives, foster business growth and contribute to progress in the communities where we operate by providing innovative services based on information and communication technologies Nissan Motor Vision: Enriching people's lives, building trust with our employees, customers, dealers, partners, shareholders and the world at large.

Mission: To provide unique and innovative automotive products and services that deliver superior measurable values to all stakeholders in alliance with Renault. LG Vision: No. Mission: To provide the best of software engineering capabilities for our customers Deutsche Bank Vision: Leading global investment bank with a strong and profitable private clients franchise Mission: To be the leading global provider of financial solutions for demanding clients, creating exceptional value for our shareholders and people.

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Repsol YPF Vision: To be an international integrated oil and gas company, perceived with admiration, and focused on customer service and value creation. France Telecom Vision: To be a social and business catalyst, liberating and inspiring people with simple ideas and services to help them connect, collaborate and co-create in new and exciting ways. Mission: Giving everyone the means to communicate, fighting against sensory and social isolation as well as promoting cultural fulfilment.

Panasonic Vision: A top global company by pursuing the management objectives of realizing a ubiquitous networking society and coexisting with the global environment through cutting edge technologies. Mission: We strive for the creation of new values, by pursuing user-friendliness and accomplishing high-tech mindset, driven by challenging spirits and full speed of actions. Petronas Vision: To be A Leading Oil and Gas Multinational Of Choice Mission: To develop and add value to petroleum resources wherever it operates, converting these resources into higher-value products that would satisfy the needs of customers and bring benefits to the people.

Sony Vision: 'Sony will be the most comprehensive entertainment company in the world' or 'the world will look to Sony for comprehensive entertainment'. Mission: Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its motion picture, television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Kroger Vision: To be a leader in the distribution and merchandising of food, pharmacy, health and personal care items, seasonal merchandise, and related products and services.

Mission: The Kroger Co. As a concerned and active corporate citizen, The Kroger Co. Barclays Vision: To achieve good growth through time by diversifying its business base and increasing its presence in markets and segments that are growing rapidly. Mission: Barclays is a global financial services provider, engaged in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services all over the world.

Our mission

With a vast, international reach, Barclays offers innovative products and services to meet the needs of its diverse base of customers and clients. Postal Service Vision: The U. Postal Service is committed to actions that promote sustainability — meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. We are working to create a culture of conservation among our , employees in our more than 34, facilities.

Mission: The U. Our mission has remained the same for more than years — to provide trusted, affordable and universal service. Nokia Vision: To build trusted consumer relationships by offering compelling and valued consumer solutions that combine beautiful devices with context enriched services. Nokia promise is to connect people in new and better ways.

Mission: Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. Mission: Their corporate philosophy seeks to improve the lives of everyone surrounding the company, and make Hyundai a company that is respected by people all over the world. To advance into the front ranks of the global auto industry in the next century, Hyundai has adopted the "Four Best" concept which defines their new objectives: Best customer service, Best technology , Best quality products , Best value for people.

Costco Wholesale Vision: The continued success of Costco depends on how well each of Costco's employees adheres to the hight standards mandated by the company's Code of Ethics. Mission: Costco runs its business according o its Code of Ethichs: to obey the law; take care of its members; take care of its employees; respect its suppliers; and reward its shareholders. Rwe Vision: We intend to develop competition in the new markets and plan to be a Europe-wide energy provider, giving RWE a better position than ever in the markets of the future.

Home Depot Vision: To create a company that would keep alive the values that were important to us. Values like respect among all people, excellent customer service and giving back to communities and society. Mission: To form mutually beneficial partnerships with diverse businesses that allow us to deliver superior products and services and superb customer service, which ultimately increases shareholder value.

They are committed to creating effective competition utilizing all possible sources. AmerisourceBergen Vision: AmerisourceBergen is the leader in healthcare distribution, services and solutions. Mission: To build shareholder value by delivering pharmaceutical and healthcare products, services and solutions in innovative and cost effective ways.

We will realize this mission by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost containment in our industry. Mission: ICBC provide clients with financial services that covered the whole process of international and domestic trade financing.

Honest Tea's mission statement begins with a simple punch line connoting its tea is real, pure, and therefore not full of artificial chemicals. The brand is speaking to an audience that's tired of finding ingredients in its tea that can't be pronounced, and have been searching for a tea that's exactly what it says it is. Not only does Honest Tea have a punny name, but it also centers its mission around the clever company name. For some time, the company even published a Mission Report each year in an effort to be "transparent about our business practices and live up to our mission to seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthier, organic beverages.

The folks at IKEA dream big.

The vision-based mission statement could have been one of beautiful, affordable furniture, but instead, it's to make everyday life better for its customers. It's a partnership: IKEA finds deals all over the world and buys in bulk, then we choose the furniture and pick it up at a self-service warehouse. Using words like "as many people as possible" makes a huge company like IKEA much more accessible and appealing to customers. When it comes to customer commitment, not many companies are as hyper-focused as Nordstrom is. If you've ever shopped at a Nordstrom, you'll know the brand will uphold the high standard for customer service mentioned in its mission statement, as associates are always roaming the sales floors, asking customers whether they've been helped, and doing everything they can to make the shopping experience a memorable one.

30 Example Vision Statements

The "rule of three" is a powerful rhetorical device called a tricolon that's usually used in speechwriting to help make an idea more memorable. A tricolon is a series of three parallel elements of roughly the same length -- think "I came; I saw; I conquered. A company thrives when it pleases its customers, its employees, its partners, and its investors -- and Universal Health Services endeavors to do just that, according to its mission statement.

As a health care service, it specifically strives to please its patients, physicians, purchasers, employees, and investors. We love the emphasis on each facet of the organization, by capitalizing the font and making it red for easy skimming. JetBlue's committed to its founding mission through lovable marketing, charitable partnerships, and influential programs -- and we love the approachable language used to describe these endeavors.

For example, the brand writes how it "set out in to bring humanity back to the skies. It breaks down all these initiatives really well with big headers, bullet points, pictures, and links to other webpages visitors can click to learn more. Finally, it ends with a call-to-action encouraging website visitors volunteer or donate their TrueBlue points. Workday, a human resources HR task automation service, doesn't use its mission statement to highlight the features of its product or how it intends to help HR professionals improve in such-and-such a way.

Instead, the business takes a stance on the state of enterprise software in general: There's a lot of great tech out there. But at Workday , it revolves around the people. We love how confident yet kind this mission statement is. It observes the state of its industry -- which Workday believes lacks a human touch -- and builds company values around it.

If you know Prezi, you know how engaging it can make your next business presentation look. According to its mission statement, the company's clever slide animations and 3-dimensional experience aren't just superficial product features. With every decision Prezi makes, it's all about the story you tell and the audience that story affects.

A car company's punny use of the word "accelerate" is just one reason this mission statement sticks out. The main reason Tesla makes this list is because of how its mission statement describes the industry. It may be a car company, but Tesla's main interest isn't just automobile sales -- it's promoting sustainable energy. And sustainable energy still has a "long road" ahead of it pun intended -- hence the world's "transition" into this market.

Ultimately, a mission statement that can admit to the industry's immaturity is exactly what gets customers to root for it. And Tesla does that nicely. Tenacity is hard to come by in the non-profit sector, and that's what makes this mission statement so distinguished. Invisible Children is a non-profit that raises awareness around the violence affecting communities across Central Africa, and the company takes quite a confident tone in its mission. The most valuable quality of this mission statement is that it has an end goal.

Many companies' visions and missions are intentionally left open-ended so that the business might always be needed by the community. Invisible Children, on the other hand, wants to "end" the violence facing African families. It's an admirable mission that all businesses -- not just non-profits -- can learn from when trying to motivate their customers.

We've all seen TED Talks online before. Well, the company happens to have one of the most succinct mission statements out there. TED, which stands for "Technology Education and Design," has a two-word mission statement that shines through in every Talk you've seen the company publish on the internet. That mission statement: "Spread ideas. What do you really care about? TED has recorded some of the most famous presentations in the world, but in the grand scheme of things, all it wants is to spread ideas around to its viewers.

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Marketing 15 min read. Written by Lindsay Kolowich lkolow. That's where company vision and mission statements come in. Mission Statement vs. Vision Statement Let's start with a bit of a vocabulary lesson to differentiate between these two types of company statements. Vision Statement A vision statement describes where the company aspires to be upon achieving its mission.

Alzheimer's Association : A world without Alzheimer's disease. Teach for America : One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. Creative Commons : Realizing the full potential of the internet -- universal access to research and education, full participation in culture -- to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

Microsoft at its founding : A computer on every desk and in every home. Australia Department of Health : Better health and wellbeing for all Australians, now and for future generations. Mission Statement If the above examples are vision statements, what's a mission statement? Patagonia: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. American Express: We work hard every day to make American Express the world's most respected service brand.

30 Example Vision Statements - Top Nonprofits

Warby Parker: To offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. InvisionApp: Question Assumptions. Think Deeply. Iterate as a Lifestyle. Details, Details. Design is Everywhere. Honest Tea: To create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages. IKEA: To create a better everyday life for the many people. Nordstrom: To give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible. Cradles to Crayons: Provides children from birth through age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with the essential items they need to thrive — at home, at school and at play.

Universal Health Services, Inc.