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  1. Stephen Hawking: Traveling back in time might actually be possible - Business Insider
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However, the fic also touches on some of the problems with an individual doing this: while Dresden has got a better understanding of fundamental science than most, his knowledge is still fairly vague and his initial almanac containing stuff like basic germ theory and physics is likewise relatively limited though this problem is ameliorated by the arrival of Lydia, his spiritual daughter, created by Lash's sacrifice, a spirit of intellect who knows everything that both Dresden and Lasciel did.

Additionally, his magical compasses, which function as a sort of magical GPS with two compasses, a chart, and a little geometry, you can figure out pretty much exactly where you are anywhere in the world , are a runaway success, but also hit the small snag that only he can make them.

Stephen Hawking: Traveling back in time might actually be possible - Business Insider

And finally, he's extremely reluctant to introduce gunpowder, on the grounds that it'll make the conflicts even bloodier. However, he ultimately does so after dragons start appearing beyond his control, to give ordinary humanity a fighting chance.

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  • According to Stephen Hawking, backward time travel is not necessarily physically impossible.
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Lulu's Bizarre Rebellion : In a rather more short term version of this, the Chinese Federation uses an as-yet-unknown method to bring season 2 knightmares during their season 1 invasion of area eleven, culminating in them deploying the Guren S. N, piloted by the zombified Naoto Kozuki, Kallen's brother.

Saruman Of Many Devices : The basic premise is this — the title character aided by an AI that, if not inherently benevolent, is still opposed to Sauron on the grounds that he introduces stasis, while the AI's directive is to bootstrap human civilisation. Consequently, it introduces initially renaissance-era technology, including fairly advanced steelworking and of course guns to Middle Earth, before moving on to closer to the Napoleonic era, then later Victorian era the Martini-Henry rifle, mainstay of the late 19th century British army, is given as one example , in an attempt to bring forth an industrial era.

Specifically, to the Uruk-hai working for him already, then the rest of Middle Earth. The Questionable Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor begins with Naruto and Xanna traveling to the Stargate-verse sometime around the 15th century, taking over a minor Goa'uld's world, and improving its technology over time as they build an empire that eventually spans multiple galaxies.

While they do things "slowly" to keep the population from being completely reliant on them, said world goes from Stone Age level technology to at least a century or two ahead of Earth in less than six hundred years. It certainly helps that once the empire has advanced far enough for it to be useful, Xanna and Naruto call in the favor the Asgard owe them and has them teach their people. Star Wars Episode I: The Familiar of Zero features an interesting example in that all of the technology presented is used to improve quality of life and standard of living, such as running water and indoor plumbing.

Both massively reduce disease within the cities. Cycle has an accidental version of this when Marc and Echo get their hands on a bag of Robin's possessions, including a modern MP3 player. When Robin finds out, she is astonished and impressed that two medieval-era pre-teens were able to figure out how to work her "magic music box" through pure trial and error without any concept of advanced technology or even the capacity to read the words on the screen.

Films — Live-Action. Crusade In Jeans had The Hero do this too, by using the assembly line principle along with an Ipod to bribe the baker to bake a lot of bread overnight. The Philadelphia Experiment II combines this with Set Right What Once Went Wrong : A stealth aircraft armed with nuclear bombs is accidentally transported back in time to Germany in , where it's captured by the Nazis and used to bomb several cities in the eastern United States including Washington, D.

Needless to say, the protagonist from the original movie is the one who winds up having to fix this mess. This is combined with Low Culture, High Tech when the aircraft is destroyed on its final run. The Nazis, of course, want another and the scientist who claimed to have invented it can't replicate one. In the revised history, his son trying to clear the family name. Sengoku Jieitai also known as Samurai Commando: Mission features failed experiment which leads to time travel of a wounded samurai to our times and a group of soldiers to the year When the second group of soldiers goes to in a search and rescue mission they discover, among other things, a refinery.

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Minor example in Night at the Museum. Larry accidentally left behind his smartphone back in post-WWII United States specifically, VJ Day , and a passing seaman picks it up, takes it home, and takes it apart. The seaman's name? Joey Motorola. Played for Laughs in Hot Tub Time Machine - Lou decides to stay in the s instead of returning to his present, and spends the intervening time becoming a billionaire by getting in on the ground floor of every important innovation between then and now.

This happens in several ways in the Terminator franchise: It inadvertently happens between The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day , the terminator killed at the end of the first movie provided the technological base to make SkyNet, creating an almost Stable Time Loop.

It explicitly happens in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines , where the TX terminator starts leaving software copies of SkyNet in various systems, allowing it to create itself. Ankh loses one of his Cell Medals, which Shocker finds and reverse-engineers in order to produce a monster powerful enough to defeat the original Kamen Riders , allowing them to Take Over the World. One person A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is one of the first works to use this trope or to seriously examine the difficulties behind it.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

The aforementioned Connecticut Yankee attempts to introduce both modern technology and modern egalitarian ideals into a medieval feudal Camelot, but events spiral out of his control and cause the timeline to snap back into course. Ladies Whose Bright Eyes , written in had a mining engineer do the same, but finds he can change little. Poul Anderson showed the problems with this in his short story The Man Who Came Early , in which an American soldier stationed in Iceland is sent back to the Viking Era after being hit by lightning.

Luckily the Icelandic language has not changed much since then. All his attempts to change history fall flat on their face.

When he tries to show the Vikings how to make compasses, he has no idea where to find or mine magnetic ores. When he tries to show them how to build more modern sailing vessels, the Vikings point out that such vessels are too cumbersome to dock anywhere where there is not a ready built harbor, an obvious rarity in that time period, and so on. The story's main point is that introducing future inventions, while possible, is immensely difficult, because most advances are useless without an equally advanced societal infrastructure to support them or outright impossible to make without them.

Also his contribution to Harlan Ellison 's Dangerous Visions , "Eutopia", is about an alternate world where Alexander the Great solidified his Empire and the Greeks are still ruling the world in AD or thereabouts. A lone Pak a highly intelligent, super strong, long lived creature gets stranded on a primitive world. He introduces the natives who have Bronze Age technology to technology in steps, hibernating for unknown periods between each step. He needs to do this to escape the primitive world, by reaching the ramscoop level. Polish hiker Conrad Schwartz, in a drunken stupor, bypasses all kinds of security and stumbles into a historical-research time portal created, coincidentally, by his cousin and awakens in thirteenth-century Poland, where he has just ten years to industrialize and unite his nation before the Mongol hordes arrive.

This one has been accused of being one big bit of Mary Sue -starring wish-fulfillment.

Contrast with:

Bad enough the original publisher dropped him so the later novels are self published. Language difficulties are hand waved in a justification that "all Slavic languages are pretty much the same. It does not help that the author 'cheats' by having the time traveling cousin provide Conrad with all sorts of help that makes Conrad way more effective than he should have been and saves his life when Conrad's actions are about to get him killed.

An alternate timeline is mentioned where one decision by Conrad from the first book changed the outcome of everything. The alternate Conrad failed to get the patronage of a powerful lord and was not able to accomplish anything on his own. Inverted in The Centurion's Empire by Sean Mc Mullen , the premise of which is that Ancient Rome developed a medicine that allowed the human body to survive being frozen , and promptly started storing its best and brightest. After the empire collapsed the one survivor set up shop in an English village, being unfrozen when they needed his military expertise.

In Terry Pratchett 's short story Once and Future a time traveler called Mervin finds himself not only trapped in the past, but in a past that never existed; the Anachronism Stew that was King Arthur 's time. Working as a doctor for a village in Sir Ector's demenses, he quickly realises that what they need is a great and noble leader, gimmicks up an electromagnet to hold a sword in a stone, and waits for a candidate whose body language suggests he's sensible enough to take advice. It works, although not quite how he expected.

Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague de Camp. Martin Padway is struck by lightning and finds himself in sixth-century Rome, on the verge of its ruin at Justinian's hands and the onset of the Dark Ages. He may be able to save civilization, if he can only get the ruling Goths to grasp the value of his innovations. Notable as it does take a few tries to figure out what does and does not work Also notable in that one of the first and most important inventions he introduces is brandy.

In itself, useless. For making money and building a place in society, invaluable. In this story a woman from Justinian Era Rome gets sent back to the founding of Rome and must use the inventions of later Rome to help found it As a Take That! The exceedingly overpopulated alternate timeline he created decides to do something about it.

For added fun, it explicitly mentions the de Camp story. Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Beam Piper. Pennsylvania cop Calvin Morrison runs afoul of the Paratime Police and is accidentally transported to a medieval alternate Earth where a corrupt theocracy controls the secret of gunpowder. Pretty realistically handled — he knows the basic formula, but also knows that there were steps in making it consistent that he needs to rediscover, and he has to convince wary leaders to build up the entire infrastructure for gun manufacturing from scratch. In one of Harry Harrison 's The Stainless Steel Rat novels, the main character ends up in a pocket universe that contains an alternate version of the Napoleonic Wars, in which the Big Bad gives Napoleon 20th century artillery.

Napoleon, already an artillery genius, uses the technology to easily beat all of Europe into submission. The main character has to explain to an English nobleman the mechanics of one such cannon, who then uses it to sink a ship with a few shots. The Other Time started by Mack Reynolds , completed by Dean Ing after Reynolds' death features a modern day 's anthropologist doing field work in Mexico who gets thrown back in history to just the right time to run into Cortez and the conquistadors.

The language issue is avoided as the hero being an anthropologist naturally speaks Nahuatl and Spanish. The computer engineer among the "Rivington men" of The Guns Of The South , who says that if and when the computers they brought back to Confederate America break down, he won't be able to fix them, because the time period doesn't have "the tools to make the tools to fix them, and probably a few iterations after that. Also something of a deconstruction , with the Rivington men outright telling the Confederates at least prominent ones like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis that they're time-travelers, and then the Southerners successfully defeating them despite their technological superiority when they turn against them.

Belisarius Series : Two factions from the far future, one attempting to make a future hostile to transhumans, the other trying to save a tolerant future. Neither the future that was, nor the future if The Bad Guys Win happen, as a new Golden Ending happens significantly different than ours. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy In The Restaurant at the End of the Universe , Arthur Dent attempts to prompt the evolution of the human race by teaching the primitive humans how to play Scrabble. And he later tries to modernize the Lamuellans. The only invention he succeeds in introducing is the sandwich.

They take it very seriously, though, and Arthur's position of divine sandwichmaker gets him even more respect than the village chieftain. A bit of a Deconstruction: Arthur doesn't know how to make anything but sandwiches. Because Arthur is the consummate average man, he doesn't understand most of the technology he's familiar with. If you were in Roman times, could you make a digital camera?

Thought not. John Barnes's Timeline Wars trilogy: Patton's Spaceship , Washington's Dirigible , and 'Caesar's Bicycle all see this trope used, as part of a multi-universal time war against Carthagian descended timelines. The first book centers around a downplayed example, with the primary antagonists giving the Nazis technology from the end of World War 2 in the 30s specifically Me fighter jet aircraft and Panther tanks, both with their flaws fixed , which meant that it was relatively easy to adapt to produce the new weapons while still providing an overwhelming advantage against the Allies.

The main character gives a little assistance to the Allied Resistance, but since he's not an engineer or physicist he can't help too much. Mostly he just gives some hints and they figure out how to build nuclear weapons and space ships on their own. And also laser cannons, to the main character's shock. Isaac Asimov 's short story The Red Queen's Race is about a man who attempts to do this to ancient Greece, sending back modern knowledge with the intention of getting the scientific revolution going in classical times and giving the world a two-millennium head start.

However, the professor who did the translation into ancient Greek realizes what was up, and so deliberately included only such information as would explain certain before-their-time theories that really did appear in ancient times, thereby creating a Stable Time Loop. A variation from K. Applegate's Everworld series: the heroes, while trapped in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink alternate world, introduce telegraphs to an Elven city, and use the technology to get rich.

Strange Days

Steam locomotive for the tzar , where the characters discuss how hard would it be to pull this off in Real Life : if you were to give the tzar the technology of automobiles, you'd first have to explain to him the workings of petrochemistry assuming he'll listen to your ramblings at all. Oh, and you'd better be an expert in petrochemistry and engineering in general.

His client is accused of attempting to change history by teaching modern science up to quantum physics to Cro-Magnons. Doctor Who New Adventures In Just War , an incautious time traveler accidentally gives the Nazis a technological leg-up in the s, resulting in them developing stealth bombers in time for World War II. He's surprised at how quickly the warlord catches on, and comes up with uses for computers that Joel thought he'd have to lead up to. Doctor Who Missing Adventures In State of Change , a complex chain of events result in an exact duplicate of Ancient Egypt acquiring knowledge of advanced technology, developing zepplins, electric lights, radio telegraph and nuclear power in just over thirty years.

The fantastically Stalinist station looked heroically bleak as the wind whipped wet snow across its mighty platforms. By contrast, my fondest memories of Athens are of the long, happy hours hanging out in old squares and ruins with their legions of genial semi-feral cats. I still had enough days left on my pass to take a ferry over to Bari there was a nominal fee — some ferries are free with the Interrail pass, others are discounted and sail gracefully back to northern Italy.

It was quite a contrast to my first Interrail experience in Back then, I had no choice but to purchase the month-long use-every-day ticket even though I could only get a fortnight off work nowadays the passes range from short, one-country trips to three-month odysseys. I therefore slept on a train — or at least remained slumped half-dazed in a seat — every single night but the first, when a friend living in Aix-en-Provence put me up.

I travelled alone, unable to find anyone else who fancied spending two weeks of October living like an indigent outlaw on the run. Looking back on it now, my itinerary was the work of a maniac. I seem to recall doing Bergen to London almost non-stop, getting home just in time to rock up zombie-like for work the next morning. I recently found the journal I kept of that journey. Although Interrailing remains a pursuit associated with youth, last year just over a third of the ,odd passes sold were snapped up by people over 27 the current youth ticket limit. And taking the train across Europe instead not only spares the planet, it can be mind-expanding and even life-changing as well, no matter what your age.

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